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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you think Reiki will work even if I don't believe in it?

    Even if you don't believe Reiki, the Reiki flow is around us. Reiki does not have its own intention, it just exists around us and the result would be the same.

  2. I don't feel anything during Reiki. Does Reiki have any effect on me?

    Not everyone is feeling something during the Reiki session and most people have times where they don't feel anything during session. This is normal.

  3. I would like to receive Distant Reiki only.

    I don't provide sessions with Distant Reiki only. However, I complement a normal Reiki sessions with Distant Reiki for free if necessary.

  4. How long will it take to solve the issues?

    With Reiki it's the same like with medical or psychological treatment. Human beings are not a machine which, when broken, can be repaired in a certain time. In the same way, we can not garantee that problems go away after a fixed number of sessions. Sorry for that.

  5. Will I get advice from you on what I should change in my life?

    Kinesiology is not about giving advice to the client, in particular it is not about recommending him specific changes in his life. Kinesiology instead tries to broaden the client's way of thinking about his life in a particular way to make him find his own decisions. A practitioner will never force something.

  6. Do I have anything to prepare for the session?

    There is no particular things to prepare. You would be more relax during Reiki session if you come in costume not tighten the body.

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