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About me

It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it, that matters.

Epictetus (55- 135, Greek Philosopher)

I was born in Saitama, a Japanese prefecture not far from Tokyo, and spent there the first 30 years of my life. During this time I did frequent trips to Western countries and with this I got exposed to both Japanese and Western culture.

Spiritual Healing and Reiki are accepted in Japanese society for much longer than in the Western society, maybe because our religious background is strongly rooted in nature and spiritualism. In Japan going to a Reiki master on a regular base, is not so uncommon. My aim is to offer some of our traditional healing methods to the Western society, but complement it if necessary with alternative methods originally developped in the Western culture.

For this I got trained by Japanese Reiki masters and received my teacher's degree in 2011. I got trained in psychological Kinesiology - a Western method - and Spiritual healing by an American master practicing in Munich, and a certificate in cafekinesi in Japan.

Reiki by itself, as powerful as it might be, often leaves the client without perceivable feedback, with the effect that she or he is not entirely happy by the result. On the other hand, Kinesiology is a method where the client receives feedback from the own body.